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This month's newsletter discusses the impact of belly fat on heart disease, the role of high pulse rates in heart disease and information on heart risks for Americans.

-Brian Polner, M.D., CEO/President

Reduce Belly Fat to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
Excess belly fat puts both men and women at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke or heart attack. By reducing belly fat, even by a few pounds, the risk of heart disease can also be reduced.
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Does a High Resting Pulse Rate Increase the Risk of Heart Disease?

What does your pulse rate say about you? A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that a high resting pulse rate may be a marker for an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack.
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Heart Disease Death Rate Down Yet Americans Still at High Risk

Improved medical treatments for heart attack and stroke patients have reduced the number of deaths; however, the prevalence of heart disease still ranks high among Americans. This is due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and cigarette smoking.  Even though people are living longer due to better health care, they are still not doing enough to prevent developing heart disease. How can you prevent heart disease?
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Dietitian's Corner
Are you sizing your meal portions properly? Click here to view a handy sizing comparison chart.

Nutrition in a Glass
Learn about the Healthiest Meal of the Day! Learn more about this nutrient dense, superfood-packed protein shake.

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Heart Disease Death Rate Down Yet Americans Still at High Risk

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