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This month's newsletter discusses the warning signs of TIA and stroke, the best supplements for heart health, diabetes and arthritis and the effect of sleep disorders on weight gain and daytime fatigue.

-Brian Polner, M.D., CEO/President

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Heart, Diabetes and Arthritis
When you have heart disease, diabetes or arthritis, you may have to live with the condition for a long time. However, you may be able to improve your health and live more comfortably and productively by using certain vitamins and supplements.
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Top Warning Signs and Symptoms of TIA and Stroke

People suffer mini strokes without realizing the situation, and Transient Ischemic Attacks often indicate that major strokes will develop soon. Recognizing the symptoms and risks proves critical because strokes need treatment within three hours to minimize damage to health. Physicians can find out why mini strokes occurred, so patients can make changes in their lives to reduce the risks of experiencing major strokes.
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How Sleep Disorders Can Affect Daytime Fatigue and Weight Gain

Tossing and turning throughout the night won't just lead to daytime grumpiness. Many people understand sleep's importance to the mind and body, but how many know that sleeping enough each night may also contribute to a healthy weight? Sleep disorders have more than an effect on daytime fatigue; they can lead to obesity as well.
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Dietitian's Corner
Healthy people meet their fluid needs by drinking water when thirsty and drinking fluids with meals. But, if you're outside in hot weather or are more physically active you'll need to make an effort to drink more fluids to prevent dehydration.
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Online Patient Survey
We've launched our very first online patient survey. Instantly tell us your thoughts regarding our practice and doctors.
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Research Trials & Studies
HealthwoRx™ is accepting applicants for select clinical trials. A clinical trial is a research study that follows a protocol designed for improvements in treating current diseases.

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Varicose Vein Therapy
Unsightly varicose veins are a source of pain and embarrassment for many men and women. Dr. Cohen treats them using a fast, preferred laser technique right in our offices. Call 954.983-8910 to find out more or schedule a review.

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