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This month's newsletter discusses a special cause we're supporting this year, early cancer detection, understanding symptoms and treatment of diverticulitis, six ways to reduce hunger pains while dieting and tips to prevent overeating.

-Brian Polner, M.D., CEO/President

Early Cancer Detection: Symptoms and How to Help Yourself

Early cancer detection and prevention are some of the most important topics these days. Unfortunately, there are over a hundred kinds of cancers. They have different risk factors, prevalence rates; even the quality of research that has been dedicated to their study varies. This makes for a very murky picture for those who would like to take concrete steps to protect themselves. While there's no guarantee from cancer, this article discusses steps that you can take to minimize the risk of suffering or dying from the disease as much as possible.
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Diverticulitis – Understanding Your Symptoms and Treatment Options

Anyone who has ever suffered from diverticulitis or diverticulitis knows how painful and exasperating the condition can be. If you suspect that you or a loved one suffers from diverticulitis or diverticulitis, it is important to get a thorough medical exam. The symptoms associated with these conditions can mimic everything from simple stomach upset to colon cancer. Only your doctor can verify that your suffering is caused by diverticulitis and not something more serious.
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6 Easy Ways to Reduce Hunger Pains While Dieting

Experiencing hunger pains while dieting is not unusual, but it is a red flag that a dieter has veered off the best path for weigh loss. Some people may feel hungrier on the first day of a new diet, but if the hunger pains don't subside, it's time to change the course.
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Seven Tips That Will Prevent Overeating

Many people who are overweight admit that they struggle to attain the figure they desire in part because they have an urge to overeat. Read on to discover the seven steps you can follow in order to help yourself lose unwanted weight by curbing your natural tendency to eat too much.
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Lunch Time Makeover
What could be nicer than entering your pcp's office and leaving with a corrected smile, softer lines, or an erased frown? Minimal office procedures are discrete, affordable, and yet can be life changing.
November Special: Enjoy 10% off a Dysport service through November 30, 2012 when you purchase one or more Dysport areas on the same day.
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HealthwoRx Is Adopting a Family for the Holidays
The holiday season can be a difficult time for children with absentee parents, individuals who have been displaced from their homes as a result of unemployment, low-income and homebound seniors, and others in the community who are facing hardships. Therefore, this holiday season HealthwoRx has decided to adopt a family through the “Neighbors for Neighbors” program. If you are interested in making a donation, please click here to learn more.

Dietitian's Corner
If you are trying to lose weight for the first time, have failed at other diet programs and can’t keep the weight off. Our solution to weight loss is a physician-supervised program with nutritional counseling by our Registered Dietitian, exercise, and supplements including fat burners, medication, and hormone therapy.
*New patients will receive a 25% discount off their initial visit. Offer expires December 31, 2012.
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Existing Patient Perks

If you are an existing patient and refer someone who is trying to lose weight for the first time, we will deduct $25 from your next visit. Simply tell your friend to mention your name during their initial visit. Offer expires December 31, 2012.

Online Patient Survey
We've launched our very first online patient survey. Instantly tell us your thoughts regarding our practice and doctors.
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Varicose Vein Therapy
Unsightly varicose veins are a source of pain and embarrassment for many men and women. Dr. Cohen treats them using a fast, preferred laser technique right in our offices. Call 954.983-8910 to find out more or schedule a review.

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