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We wish you a happy and prosperous new year. This month's newsletter discusses various ways to feel better while having a cold, tips to overcoming insomnia and twelve reasons why you're gaining weight instead of losing it.
-Brian Polner, M.D., CEO/President

How to Feel Better When You Have a Cold
A bunged up nose, sore throat and red, puffy eyes are just some of the common signs and symptoms of a cold. When you first start feeling unwell, you need to act fast so that you are back to your normal self again before you know it. But if you are suffering from a cold, there is no reason to let it get you down for the following week while you recover. There are ways to feel good about yourself, even when all you want to do is stay in bed and shut out the outside world.
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Help to Overcome Insomnia

Many people have difficulty falling asleep from time to time. An inability to fall asleep can often be overcome by making a few simple changes to the bedroom and to a person’s routine. In some cases, sleep difficulties may require medical attention. If you have been finding it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, here are some tips for you to get a better quality of sleep so you can wake up refreshed in the morning.
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12 Surprising Reasons Why You're Gaining Rather Than Losing Weight
(And How to Counteract Them)

Most of the time, weight gain is easily explicable—perhaps you’ve been snacking on too much chocolate over Christmas, or you haven’t been able to exercise to an injury. Sometimes, however, you will be mystified by the fact that the number on the scales is steadily climbing. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to maintain a healthy weight that you like, this gain can be depressing and deeply frustrating. Here are twelve reasons why this might be happening to you, and what you can do to combat them.
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2012 Weight Loss Journey

If you are trying to lose weight for the first time, have failed at other diet programs and can't keep the weight off, I guarantee success in our program. Our solution to weight loss is a physician-supervised program with nutritional counseling by our Registered Dietitian, exercise, and supplements including fat burners, medication, and hormone therapy.
*New patients will receive a 25% discount off their initial visit and a special introductory gift (while supplies last). Offer expires January 31st, 2012.
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"This program has changed how I think about eating. Food no longer has the power it once did."

"This program has been a miracle."
-Pembroke Pines

Existing Patient Perks

If you are an existing patient and refer someone who is trying to lose weight for the first time, we will deduct $50 from your next visit. Simply tell your friend to mention your name during their initial visit. Offer expires January 31st, 2012.

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