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This month's newsletter discusses the impact of belly fat on heart disease, the role of high pulse rates in heart disease and information on identifying diabetic symptoms. Finally, we discuss HealthwoRx™ changes due to recent governmental reform in 2010.
-Brian Polner, M.D., CEO/President

Our Latest Articles

Reduce Belly Fat to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
Excess belly fat puts both men and women at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke or heart attack. By reducing belly fat, even by a few pounds, the risk of heart disease can also be reduced.
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Does a High Resting Pulse Rate Increase the Risk of Heart Disease?
What does your pulse rate say about you? A new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that a high resting pulse rate may be a marker for an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack. Click to continue

Diabetes Symptoms: How Diabetics Can Be Aware and Take Control
If you’re a diabetic and are looking to find what the symptoms of diabetes are, this article should shed a little bit of light on what to look out for. If you are noticing these symptoms in yourself or your loved ones, inform your doctor immediately. Click to continue

To Our Valued Patients
Due to the recent governmental changes regarding healthcare reform in 2010, physicians all around the country are being put in a difficult position to practice effective care with the significant limitations and governmental intervention. Although HealthwoRx™ physicians are continuously committed to provide the best patient care possible, we want you to be aware of some of the more significant changes. Click to continue

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    We've launched our very first online patient survey. Instantly tell us your thoughts regarding our practice and doctors.
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    Fast, Safe Weight Loss
    The doctors at HealthwoRx™ have created Ultimate Diet Solution, a doctor supervised weight loss program. Let us help you achieve your weight loss goal in 2010. Click here to learn more.

    February Vitamin Sale

    For a limited time, HealthwoRx™ is offering a $3.50 discount on the purchase of it's Glucosamine in all our offices. Print this coupon and take it to any office to redeem. Offer expires February 28, 2010. Not valid for online purchases.

    Varicose Vein Therapy
    Unsightly varicose veins are a source of pain and embarrassment for many men and women. Dr. Cohen treats them using a fast, preferred laser technique right in our offices. Call 954.983-8910 to find out more or schedule a review.

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