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Vytorin & Zetia 'Enhance' Study Results
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You may have recently heard in the media about the surprising results of the ENHANCE trial of Vytorin, Zetia and Zocor. At HealthwoRx™ we are dedicated to bring you not only the latest news and information but also how it might affect OUR patients and families. After careful review of all the data and in consultation with many of our doctors and research department we have decided to clarify the situation as best we can.
-Dr. Brian Polner, Medical Editor

Don't Panic
by Scott Hensley for The Wall Street Journal
In an unusual step, the American College of Cardiology has weighed in on the flap over the controversial test of cholesterol-fighter Vytorin, marketed jointly by Merck & Schering-Plough.

The results from the trial, called "ENHANCE", failed to show a benefit of Vytorin (and its ingredient Zetia) over Zocor, or simvastatin, on a measurement of atherosclerosis with ultrasound. Data from the trial were released yesterday, nearly two years after the last patient completed the study and amid mounting questions about the delay.

The influential society of heart specialists advises that “major clinical decisions” not be based on the Enhance data alone, though the “study deserves serious thought and follow-up.” The rates of cardiac events, such as heart attacks, were nearly the same in patients receiving Vytorin or simvastatin alone, and the medicines tested “were generally well tolerated.” Bottom line: “There should no be reason for patients to panic,” the ACC says.

The ACC’s statement is reproduced below, or you can see it on the group’s Web site here. There is also an informative 3 minute video by the CardioSource Video Network.

Message To Our Patients
HealthwoRx™ agrees that patients should discuss their cholesterol options with their individual physicians. No immediate changes should be made and our staff have been informed to schedule any patient with questions regarding this evolving situation as soon as possible. Feel free to call your HealthwoRx™ doctor or send us an email if you have questions.

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