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Welcome to our first NewswoRx Health Newsletter. This month your doctors present articles on how to help prevent cancer with CT Scans, recent changes to the AHA’s stance on Antibiotics, and an intriguing story about heart disease in women. Finally, we conclude the newsletter with information about our new Loyalty Card Program. If you wish to leave feedback about your doctor, please click here.

Dr. Brian Polner
Medical Editor

Dr. Mark Kaprow Early Detection Can Lead to Cure
by Dr. Marc Kaprow
Not all lung cancers are caused by smoking. In women, up to 20% of lung cancers are found in patients who never smoked. Because of inadequate screening, most lung cancers are caught late—too late. This accounts for about 150,000 deaths in the US annually. Click to continue

Dr. Julio Tallet New Rules for Antibiotic Use
by Dr. Julio Tallet
For a long time cardiologists have recommended the use of antibiotics for some patients before certain procedures. Recently, the AHA has changed these recommendations. Click to continue

Dr. Rotem Amir Women’s Silent Enemy
by Dr. Rotem Amir
Did you know that women are less likely to survive heart attacks than men? It may be because women do not seek and receive treatment as soon as men. Or it may be because women's hearts and blood vessels are smaller, thus more easily damaged. There's no question, however, that it makes sense to prevent heart problems before they start. Click to continue

Loyalty Card Loyalty Card Program

HealthwoRx™ has developed a “Loyalty Card Program”, which you may have already received in the mail. This is our way of saying “Thank You” for your past patronage, and giving something back to you for your loyalty. This card contains your own personal membership number and identifies you as someone special to our practice. We hope to continually add benefits to this program as time goes by. Click to continue...
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