What Can We Learn In Six Minutes?

Dr. PolnerPatients with heart and lung disease typically make routing doctor visits to constantly monitor their individual treatment plan. Until now, doctors have used tested and proven modalities to help support this. Now, there is a new way for doctors to evaluate the effectiveness of a patient’s treatment and help further refine a plan of care.

It is called the The Six Minute Walk Test. It is a very simple, non invasive test which involves having a patient walk on a level hallway surface for six minutes. The distance traveled is measured. If a patient cannot complete six minutes of exercise, we still look to how far they can travel. There is no speed requirement and the patient walks at his or her own pace.

Why is this six minutes so important? This test can help assess patients with heart and lung diseases for treatment changes. The doctor interprets the simple data and can tailor medical therapy based on it. The obvious goal is better patient care and long term improved survival. The test requires no preparation and no special equipment is used. The test is easily done by trained office personnel and can be done during any routine office visit.

The test is not a substitute for other cardiopulmonary testing (such as stress testing or pulmonary function tests), but rather a simple additional examination which can easily provide ongoing information to the doctor. Patients for whom this will be most beneficial include patients with congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, in addition to many more. Please consult with you physician as to whether this test is important for you.

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