Weight Loss Calculators Help You Stick to Your Goals

weight calculatorWeight loss calculators are great for setting goals and designing an exercise and meal plan. Online weight loss calculators have made it simpler than ever before to input your personal data and receive an individualized report of your calorie requirements. By starting with accurate goals, you will be far more likely to succeed in your weight loss program..

Why do you need a weight loss calculator?

Today's weight loss gurus try to make everything complicated, but losing weight really is as simple as eating less calories than you burn off every day.  That's it. Using a weight loss calculator lets you know exactly how many calories you should be taking in, based on your level of physical activity. Keep your daily intake under that level and you are guaranteed to lose weight over time.

Where to find a free weight loss calculator

There are many free weight loss calculators you can use online. Remember that the type of features offered will vary between websites, so check around to find the one that is best for you. The more personal factors you are allowed to input, the better the weight loss calculator's results will be. Try to find a weight loss calculator that includes the basic factors like weight, physical activity, height, and age. Some free weight loss calculators will let you input information about your resting heart rate or body fat percentage. All of this information will improve the accuracy of your weight loss calculator.

Information provided by weight loss calculators

You will receive a report from the weight loss calculator that lists your ideal daily calorie intake, based on the physical activity level that you have chosen. Check the estimate daily calories expended to be sure it looks accurate. Many weight loss calculators will offer the ability to choose labels such as "very active" for your physical activity level. However, what they think "very active" is might be different from website to website and might not be accurate for you. If this number is wrong, your target number reported by the weight loss calculator will be misleading. Be sure to check all of your input before designing a workout and meal plan from the weight loss calculator's reports.

Consider the source of the weight loss calculator's calorie figures

When looking for a weight loss calculator, check the source of the calorie numbers, as well as any extra features provided on the website. Some websites offer a detailed breakdown of the target fat, protein, and carbs instead of just giving you a total calorie figure. Other weight loss calculators might permit you to store your weight and calorie intake to track your progress on an ongoing basis. These weight loss calculators make it easy to change your goals and recalculate your ideal calorie numbers. Try to find online weight loss calculators sponsored by health organizations since these will probably give you the most accurate numbers. If are you putting in all the effort of changing your nutrition and working out, you want to start with the most accurate numbers possible from your weight loss calculator.

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