Low Testosterone May Cause Diabetes

Dr. SpillerMale andropause is a well described clinical condition; yet most men are not aware of it. Low testosterone levels can lead to diabetes, hypertension, accelerated atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and prostate cancer. Decline in testosterone levels can begin at age 30. By age 60, many men have testosterone deficiency. Loss of libido and low energy levels are typical symptoms.

Testosterone levels are easily checked in the office and testosterone is easily replaced with transdermal creams. As a board certified cardiologist practicing for over 20 years I am convinced that keeping healthy requires a multifaceted approach. Hormone balancing in appropriate patients can be a part of this optimal care. I am looking forward to evaluating patients that might be in need of optimizing hormone levels which could enhance quality of life and life expectancy.

HealthwoRx™'s own Dr. Spiller is currently trained in hormone testing, balancing and optimization, and nutritional optimization. He is currently available for appointments and accepts most insurance.