An Ageless Society, Is It Possible?

Dr. Spiller

The newest frontier in medicine is growing with hopes of prolonging the human lifespan to levels never thought possible while maintaining good quality of life.

This specialty requires a thorough understanding of genetics, immunology, stem cells, physiology of aging, biochemistry of aging, endocrinology and hormone balancing. Knowledge is rapidly expanding in all of these disciplines.

Presently, hormone optimization – balancing and nutritional optimization are key factors in wellness and longevity. A major cause of aging is decline in hormone production; estrogen and progesterone in women; testosterone in men. Cortsol and thyroid balancing are also critically important for general wellbeing and health.

HealthwoRx™ own Dr. Spiller is currently trained in hormone testing, balancing and optimization, and nutritional optimization. He is currently available for appointments and accepts most insurance.