Overweight and Dieting, But Nothing Works. Why?

People are overweight for many reasons. One solution will work for one person, but not another. A diet for men and women will vary based on chemistry alone. So how do you know what type will work for you? First of all, look at your habits. Do you work out? Do you eat when you are emotional or bored? Do you over eat because the taste of food is so good? All of the answers to these questions could be the "why" in the question to being overweight and not able to lose the pounds.

The main reason on why we are all carrying around extra pounds is because of our lifestyle. This reality may be hard to swallow, but let's be honest with ourselves here. The little lies we tell ourselves or the excuses we make; "just one won't hurt" or "I have been good today", "I deserve it" could result in overeating, binge eating or emotional eating. But as soon as we are able to admit this to ourselves and knock it off, the better off we are as we start on the journey to better, healthier bodies. Many doctors have said the key to weight loss is low number of calories in, high number of calories out. If you have tried everything to lose weight and consulted a doctor about it, you have heard this and might even have asked how to know how many calories are actually going out? While there are several charts to follow and gym equipment to monitor the calorie burning, this may not solve all the issues of being overweight. What if an injury prevents certain movement? What if you have other health problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome or diabetes? People who have CFS have real trouble with getting active and burning off calories. People with diabetes have to watch their diet and have trouble with the calories in part.

The body will store fat/energy in two ways. One way is in fat cells. The second way is in an organ that is located under the stomach called the Omentum. To find more information, visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_omentum. This organ used to serve as a back up for when food sources were lacking. We don't have a food shortage in America so this organ isn't needed for that purpose and could be the source of extra fat/energy that isn't being used on a daily basis. When we first start a diet or weight loss program this is the first place our bodies will start to use fat/energy. As a result, many people give up too soon because they are not seeing results. When in fact there are, we just can't see it. It is very dangerous for this organ to store too much fat/energy. Because of its location and nature, it can grow too large and start to squeeze other organs. This can cause huge health problems if other organs can't do their jobs because they don't have enough room in the abdomen area.

Don't give up because your thighs aren't getting smaller. The fatty deposits in your thighs, butt, arms, even the lower stomach are the last place the body will use for needed energy. As we lower our fat intake, our body will tap into the storage units to get it. The Omentum is first, the muscle is second and finally the fat cells. It isn't enough to get up and run to burn calories. Muscle building is an important factor as well. Now wait a minute, that doesn't mean you have to look like a body builder to loose weight. While free weights are the best, they can be dangerous if you don't know how to hold them and move your body properly. The exercise bands are best for beginners. It provides resistance and won't hurt if you happen to loose form while doing it. As you begin to use the muscle with resistance, small tears will occur in the muscle. This is normal. A rest period of about 24 hours for beginners should be enough to heal the muscle. As it heals, the muscle tissue will repair itself and become stronger or denser as a result. Because of this, it is important for women to understand, who don't want that body builder look, to always use light weights and do lots of repetitive moves. This will ensure that the muscle always has small tears instead of one large tear to repair. The larger the tear the bulkier the muscle becomes. How can you tell if you have small tears or one large tear? How much does it hurt while you are doing a certain move? The more pain the larger the tear will be and the longer it will take to heal. It is important to remember to stretch after working a muscle group. This will release any lactic acid from building up and causing that stiffness and soreness the next day. It will be easier to work that muscle group again.

As the muscle becomes denser, the fat cells are tapped into to help speed up the process of healing. At this time, results will begin to be seen. This process varies for everyone. Everyone stores fat in different places and density. It also depends on how dense the muscle already has become. For example, someone who used to swim or had a job lifting heavy objects and stopped doing these activities and gained weight, may see results in a longer period of time. Why? The muscle was once dense but now has fat in between the fibers. It is a myth that muscle turns to fat. What actually happens is the muscle becomes less dense. This results in lessen strength and definition appearance through the skin. The amount of fat cells within the muscle fibers depends on how many calories were stored as fat and the time it took to build the fat cells. The more fat cells that have grown in between the muscle fibers the longer it will take to notice a visible difference; however, you may feel a difference as the muscle fiber becomes denser.

You may hear it is better for women to tone the muscles instead of building strength. This is a myth that muscles can be toned. The real goal is to have muscle definition without fat surrounding the muscle. To achieve this, the body movements will vary from the traditional weight lifting movement. For arms, this may include a twisting motion. For legs, this may include a lifting motion instead of squatting. For more information on how to do certain movements, just do a search in a search engine for muscle building movements. There is such a term being used which refers to your muscles getting used to the same movement, this is called muscle memory. It occurs when the same movement has created a muscle fiber that is as dense as it will get unless a new movement is introduced. Keep the same movement for at least a week, and then change it. This should prevent muscle memory.

There is no magic pill that will make you build muscle or reduce the size of your fat cells. The only way to loose weight and keep it off is by examining your lifestyle and truthfully admitting to yourself the habits that need to change in order for you to be healthy. It is a harsh reality, but obesity has become an epidemic that is now killing people. Changes have to be made today.