"My Varicose Veins Are Now Gone!"

Dr. Cohen

Andrea Lyons Competes Again

Andrea Lyons is a pharmaceutical rep with GlaxoSmithKline in Palm Beach Gardens but outside work she’s a figure competitor and plays catcher on a traveling softball team. Even though she was healthy at age 31, she developed varicose veins that were starting to curtail her activities.

“My ankle was discolored then there was numbing and aching,” she said. “As an athlete, you ignore smaller pains but when I sat Indian style there was a purplish discoloration in the ankle. As training continued, I saw red blotches on back of my calf.”

“Weeks later it started looking like varicose veins. The blood was not circulating right, branches were popping out. It was unpleasing to the eye.”

It was the start of varicose veins. Fortunately she had them checked out early.

“Dr. Cohen at VeinwoRx saw me and did the procedure in June 2008. My varicose veins are now gone.”

The procedure was the new endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), which is less invasive than surgery and has a lower complication rate. EVLT is well tolerated by patients and produces good cosmetic results.

EVLT works by means of thermal destruction of the venous tissues. When the laser is fired, it deposits thermal energy in the blood and venous tissues, causing irreversible localized venous tissue damage. The laser is fired until the entire vessel is treated.

Some practitioners use a local anesthetic with epinephrine whereas others prefer not to use epinephrine.

Andrea Lyons After Varicose Vein Therapy at HealthwoRx“I’m kind of a baby when it comes to pain,” Lyons said. “But this was very short and easy. It was a weird feeling but it didn’t hurt.”

“We’ve developed a procedure to make veins seem 20 to 30 years younger,” said Dr. Yale Cohen, a cardiologist with HealthwoRx™ in Hollywood. “It’s a 30-minute procedure.”

Dr. Cohen is also official cardiologist of the Florida Panthers NHL hockey team. For much of his career he treated heart attacks but says that opening a clogged artery is just as gratifying.

HealthwoRx™ is the largest cardiovascular practice in South Florida and a training site for other physicians. It has almost 30 doctors in practice.

“Varicose veins are a very common problem in women,” he said, “and also in men who stand up a lot, like bartenders. Some Florida Panthers have gotten it.”

Dr. Cohen added that up to 30 percent of the whole population may have varicose veins. From heavy usage, veins can wear thin.

“It’s a cosmetic problem but also a circulation problem, a medical issue so it’s covered by insurance,” he said. Lyons was sore and didn’t work out for two weeks after her EVLT. “The problem is now gone,” she said. “The discoloration went away, the discomfort went away. I probably could have worked out earlier but it was my time off anyhow.”

In 2007 she did three amateur figure competitions and placed first nationally in her class. With her legs feeling better in 2008, she’s trying for her pro card. And she’s back to playing softball for Blaze, a traveling women’s team, and in a recreational co-ed league.

Her legs feel as good as they did when she was on scholarship at Florida State University. “The (EVLT) procedure has me as good as new!”.

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