HealthwoRx™ Now Offering the Benefits of Red Wine in a Daily Multi-Vitamin

Multi-Vitamin with Resveratrol

When the doctors of HealthwoRx™ set out to formulate the ultimate multivitamin for their patients, many questions were investigated. One of the biggest questions was which substances found currently in nature might best be used to concentrate into a vitamin form. Our Cardiologists know that Red Wine has been proven to be useful in imparting many healthful benefits. However, the intake of multiple glasses per day has its own challenges and concerns.

The Link Between Resveratrol & Good Health

Recently, caloric restriction has been proven in animal research to significantly extend life. Remarkable new research suggests that it may be possible to achieve the life-extending benefits of caloric restriction using the readily available, plant-derived compound known as resveratrol found in red wine. Resveratrol and caloric restriction appear to work via similar mechanisms to promote health and longevity in numerous animal species.

This heightened interest in resveratrol has produced several recent breakthroughs. In a landmark study, Harvard University scientists showed that resveratrol could prolong survival by regulating a gene associated with aging that is present in all life forms. They demonstrated that while middle-aged mice fed a high-calorie diet suffered the ravages of obesity—including metabolic changes resembling diabetes, liver and heart damage, and premature death—mice that were fed resveratrol in addition to the high-calorie diet actually exhibited beneficial changes in their physiology, resembling those of mice fed a standard diet.

Benefits of Resveratrol in Clinical Studies

Among the life-prolonging benefits of resveratrol supplementation demonstrated in the study were:

  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Enhanced mitochondrial energy production
  • Improved motor function

While mice on the non-supplemented high-calorie diet developed enlarged, fatty livers, resveratrol supplementation prevented these changes. Similarly, heart disease and evidence of atherosclerosis were seen in mice fed the high-calorie diet, but not in those that were also given resveratrol. Resveratrol significantly increased survival, reducing the risk of death from the high-calorie diet by 31%. Together, these findings offer powerful evidence that resveratrol protected the animals from the harmful effects of a high-calorie diet.

Positive Impact in 6 Months

Resveratrol’s positive impacts on insulin sensitivity and survival were apparent after only six months of treatment. Resveratrol also improved the animals’ quality of life, as reflected in their physical abilities. On a test of balance and coordination, the resveratrol-fed mice on the high-calorie diet steadily improved as they aged. The obese resveratrol-supplemented animals experienced all of these benefits without a significant reduction in body weight.

“These data demonstrate that resveratrol can alleviate the negative impact of a high-calorie diet on overall health and life span,” the Harvard scientists concluded. “The ability of resveratrol to prevent the deleterious effects of excess caloric intake and modulate known longevity pathways suggests that resveratrol and molecules with similar properties might be valuable tools in the search for key regulators of energy balance, health, and longevity.”

Why We Recommend Our Multi-Vitamin with Resveratrol

For this reason we have added this powerful ingredient to our unique Multi-Vitamin preparation. Our goal was to add the best possible ingredients that would mimic what we know is useful in optimal dietary intake. The amount of fruits and vegetables necessary to consume this amount of USRDA suggested vitamin intake would be impractical in most of our patient’s realistic lifestyles. Additionally, the calories consumed while trying to maintain this dietary intake might lead to weight gain. Therefore, we designed the optimal multivitamin preparation designed to deliver the best that fruits and vegetable have to offer in a capsular form. All of the important vitamins and minerals suggested by the USRDA have been included in often supra-therapeutic amounts thus ensuring adequate intake. Please visit the product page describing these ingredients.

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