How to Feel Better When You Have a Cold

A bunged up nose, sore throat and red, puffy eyes are just some of the common signs and symptoms of a cold. When you first start feeling unwell, you need to act fast so that you are back to your normal self again before you know it. But if you are suffering from a cold, there is no reason to let it get you down for the following week while you recover. There are ways to feel good about yourself, even when all you want to do is stay in bed and shut out the outside world.

Get Plenty of Rest

When you are laid low with a cold, try to get as much rest as possible. Even a 15-minute power nap in the afternoon or an extra hour in bed on a Saturday morning can make all the difference when you have a cold.

This isn't the time to tackle the newly laid vegetable garden or to complete the DIY project you have had in the works all year. Leave all that for when you are feeling better and listen to your body's cues. You body will let you know when you have overdone it and need some extra rest.

Keep to a Routine

Developing a cold often disrupts a person's usual routine, but you can still maintain some semblance of normality, even when you are feeling tired, achy, lethargic, and are off from work or school. Get to bed early each night and try to wake up at the same time each day. Then keep to a routine as much as you can during the day. This will help give your day structure.

Keep Smiling!

A "woe is me" attitude will not get you very far at all when you have a cold. Keep a sense of humour by continuing to smile, laugh and get by with a positive attitude and you will find that you feel better about yourself, even when you are suffering. Watching a comedy can help brighten your mood and lift your spirits, so rent a movie you have wanted to see for a while and let yourself go.

It is all too easy to start feeling sorry for yourself when you are suffering from a cold. However, by getting plenty of rest, maintaining a routine and keeping a positive attitude, you will soon be feeling much better and more in control of your life.