How to Avoid Infections in Public Places

Bacteria and viruses are designed to spread and multiply. There are enough careless and sick people in this world to help them in their deadly mission. People should be ready to learn a few lessons in prevention, in case they find themselves in crowded and public circumstances.

People are very scared about picking up infections from public places. There are those who are paranoid about the lurking danger of infection, particularly when they are forced to be in close proximity of people who could be sick, unhygienic or both. But health experts take a look at the various crowded and public scenarios and offer sound, practical advice so that anyone can escape getting infected.

Washing of Hands Before Eating

It is believed that 71% people do not clean their hand after they touch commonly used surfaces like door knobs, door handles, elevator push buttons, keyboards, table tops and chairs. A simple and effective way to prevent infection is to remember to wash your hands before every meal. People don't get infected because they gripped a door knob in a hospital. The infection occurred because they were careless and touched their mouth, nose or eyes afterwards. Similarly, when you are in an elevator you can use the back of your hand or the knuckles to press the ground floor push button. Instead of using the index finger you can use another finger, that way you can be sure of not touching your eyes, mouth or nose afterwards. To wash your hands use soap and water. You can use a sanitizer, if you don't have access to soap and water.

Prevention of Infection in Shopping Malls

When you are picking up stuff in a shopping mall you cannot avoid the shopping cart. The handles are the surfaces that have been touched by so many shoppers before you. It is not surprising that 86% of the shopping malls do not disinfect the handles of their shopping carts. Just think about it. Do you see shop floor attendants frantically wiping clean the shopping mart handle before they hand it over to you? So, it is better to carry wipes or gel napkins with alcohol content and use them to wipe your hands after your shopping is over.

Laundry Hygiene Tips

The health conscious and hygienic home makers are careful to separate the underwear and load them the last in their washing machine. The precaution is necessary because the underwear has been in close contact with your excretory organs. A pair of used underwear carries thousands of micro fecal organisms that are itching to spread and multiply. So, is it not wise to prevent mixing up underwear with other clothes? In addition, the sensible thing to do is to mix a cup of liquid disinfectant with water on an empty washing machine and run it for some time to kill all germs. Using detergents to wash with hot water and cold water helps in reducing harmful bacteria. It has been found that using a hot dryer serves to not only dry the clothes well but is most effective in destroying germs.

Protection When Travelling by Air

Results of surveys show that 86% of experienced and wise air travelers never forget to cover the serving tray with a clean napkin, so as to avoid placing the food directly on it. They take care to avoid the seat pocket and never place eatables there for fear of contamination by items placed there by those fliers who have sat there before them. They also do not touch the toilet sink water to wash their hands and prefer to use a sanitized napkin or disinfected paper towel, instead.

General Tips When One is Sick or With Those Who Are Ill

You have seen people sneeze violently without covering their nose and mouth. The resultant shower may land on lots of people in the near vicinity. A deadly shower of infected virus and bacteria. Then, there are others who sneeze into their elbows and hands and then proceed to touch others. This may sound alarming but don't worry, people are learning to behave in public places and you may not have to run for cover every time someone sneezes. It is better to steer clear of obviously ill people. Keep a distance of at least a metre, if not more. In case you are slightly under the weather, take care to carry napkins, tissues, gels and wipes with alcohol content.

It is generally seen that most people are distracted and impatient when they are using public utilities. They tend to get careless and are in a hurry to get away from the close confines of a theatre, airport, railway station and other such public places. It is easy to pick up infections. So, if you can be careful and use your common sense to be prepared when in public places, you are unlikely to pick up infections and diseases which are lurking everywhere.