Healthy Weight Loss Can Lead to Improved Health and Increased Energy Levels

By D M Gray
Anyone looking to lose weight, and successfully keep from piling the weight back on again, should be looking for a diet program that promotes healthy weight loss. Crash diets may seem a good idea at the time, but they can cause sudden weight gain as soon as a dieter ceases with these overly-strict, low-calorie regimes.

Losing weight too quickly convinces the human body that it is in danger of starvation and sends a dieter’s metabolism into overdrive.  It responds by storing every bit of fat it can find – this includes all the food a dieter ingests once they come off a rapid weight-loss diet program.

Long-term weight loss is achieved by healthy dieting and following a well-structured healthy weight loss system. This will be a program that encourages the consumption of nutritionally-rich foods and balanced meals. The ideal healthy weight loss will be between 1-2 pounds a week – this allows the body to adjust slowly and will not trigger a fat-storing backlash from the metabolism.
Rapid weight loss programs achieve their dramatic results by starving the body of carbohydrates. These are the fuel source of the body and when it does not have enough to burn, a body will start burning muscle tissue. The fact is, rapid weight loss is unhealthy and most of the weight lost is a direct result of a loss in water and muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is vital to achieving healthy weight loss and any diet that causes this to be consumed will never succeed long-term.

To lose weight and keep it off requires patience, commitment and positive thinking. Healthy weight loss will include a diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. The diet will need to slowly reduce calorie intake and stay clear of bad trans-fats. Exercise will be an integral part of a successful weight loss program and this will encourage the building, not burning, of muscle tissue. Muscle burns more calories than fat and the more muscle a person has, the more calories they burn – that is an important fact to remember for anyone thinking about rapid weight loss programs.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables into a diet; eat more fiber; use brown rice and wholegrain produce instead of starch-rich white varieties; eat smaller portions, but eat regularly throughout the day; never skip breakfast, it kick-starts the metabolism and gets it burning fat; drink plenty of water; use green tea; avoid low-calorie or fat-free processed foodstuffs – they can contain sweeteners and cause bloating; go for walk, go for a bike ride; eat protein-rich chicken, or turkey, for increased energy; get plenty of sleep. These are just a few of the simple things that will encourage healthy weight loss.

Healthy weight loss will not only help a person to permanently lose weight; it will leave them with increased energy levels and an improvement in their overall well-being. Adding more fruit and vegetables to a diet, also adds more essential vitamins and minerals – this can improve the immune and digestive systems. Exercise will improve vitality and make the body stronger. The list of benefits for healthy weight loss is endless, but most importantly: A nutritionally-balanced life is a healthy life.

If you want long term results, weight loss and improved fitness, stop “dieting” and change your diet and your exercise levels for good!  Start today!

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