The Doctor's Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss

Now that the Ultimate Diet Solution program is available to our patients we have a unique opportunity to explore six habits that can help our patients keep weight off. These skills are based on research conducted on a group of people in a nationwide weight loss registry. To qualify for the registry, participants had to have lost in excess of fifty pounds and maintained their loss for over five years. We use the mnemonic BE SLIM to remember the habits to follow for optimal health and weight maintenance:

B is for Breakfast - The vast majority of patients maintaining weight loss eat breakfast daily. The importance of breakfast includes providing protein to the body, and preventing excessive hunger later in the day. This can ultimately lead to increased food and calorie intake and subsequent weight gain.

E is for Exercise - Daily activity drives to body to keep metabolism high. In addition to the cardiovascular benefits exercise optimizes the bodies use of food energy to help maintain a healthy weight.

S is for Support - No matter how introverted a person's personality may be, there is a primal need in human beings for contact with others. By seeking out support from loved ones and friends, or by providing support to others we can maintain a healthy outlook. This helps to prevent overeating from stress or emotional upset - two terribly common reasons for weight gain.

L is for Low Fat Frequent Meals - Frequent eating (five to six times daily) drives metabolism and staves hunger. Frequent low fat meals is an integral part of maintaining a healthy weight. These "meals" are typically less than 300 calories and can be anything from lowfat yogurt, to a handful of nuts to a bowl of cereal.

I is for Individual Plan - No two people are alike. Each person's lifestyle and maintenance plan has to be individualized for an individual and their needs.

M is for Monitoring - After losing weight, weekly weigh ins can help to keep people on target. When the scale moves up more than five pounds, it's time to resume weight loss. Anyone who has gained, or regained weight knows that the process is insidious. By catching weight gain early our patients are set up for success in maintaining a healthy, desirable weight.

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