Avoid Winter Weight Gain

As the winter season approaches, we look forward to the holiday celebrations, office parties, family dinners, hot chocolate, and home-baked goodies. But, the weight gain that often accompanies all the festivities is discouraging to many people. Is there a way to enjoy the beauty, food, and festivities without the dreaded result of adding an inch to the waistline? The answer is a resounding yes. You can enjoy it all and maintain your weight.

Avoid The Slow Down

Winter is quite cold for most people and many deal with frequent sub-freezing temperatures, ice and snow. Jogging, walking, biking, and other outdoor activities become difficult, dangerous, or impossible. If you normally practice an outdoor exercise, replace it with indoor exercise to prevent a metabolism slow down. Tune into one of many televised exercise programs in the early morning and follow along with the workout. You will find a wide range of exercise programs from palates and yoga to zumba. Enhance your fitness by trying more than one exercise routine. Make extra trips up and down stairs, dance when no one is looking, do leg exercises under your desk, and walk as much as possible. The more adventurous can try cross-country skiing or even snow boarding. The important thing is to keep active and avoid the slow down that is one of the contributing causes of winter weight gain.

Holiday Treat Addiction

There are exciting and delicious foods that only turn up during the holiday season. Foods and desserts we seldom enjoy are hard to ignore. Unfortunately, these same foods are generally loaded with calories and unhealthy ingredients. The yummy comfort foods are the biggest enemy. These culinary delights smell and taste good, trigger childhood memories, make us feel all warm and happy, and tempt us to eat too much. If you are attending a holiday party and know you will be tempted, fill up on good food shortly before you leave for the party. When you arrive at the festivities, take the smallest plate you can find, snack on the healthy offerings first, and take only a single holiday sweet treat.

If you are preparing the holiday meal, keep it simple. There is no requirement to serve five or six different vegetables dishes and four desserts. Your meal can include the turkey or other meat, green vegetable, seasoned potatoes that don't require butter, squash, a fresh veggie tray, and whole grain rolls. Eat a light serving and avoid butter, gravy, sauces, and stuffing. Eating light means it's okay to have a normal sized piece of homemade pie for dessert. Limit yourself to only one holiday treat per celebration get together. One glass of wine for a toast is all you need. Drinks are full of calories.

Holidays Are For Enjoying Family And Friends

Keep your focus on the true meaning of the holidays. Spend time socializing with family and friends, and refrain from standing around the food table to chat. If you keep active, say "no thanks" with a smile, limit yourself to one drink and one holiday treat, you'll enjoy the holiday season without gaining weight. Give yourself the gift of a healthy holiday season this year.