Anti-Aging Medicine Helps Augment Health and Wellness

Dr. Spiller

Antiaging medicine is the discipline that serves to promote health, prevent disease, and slow or reverse the aging process. Key tenants of aging are oxidative stress, inflammation, hormone balance, stress hormones, glucose and insulin regulation, and immune balance.

Many medications including blood pressure regulators, cholesterol lowering drugs, antidiabetic drugs, antacid drugs, antianxiety drugs, antibiotics, antiviral agents, chemotherapeutic agents, and laxatives can reduce our bodies of vital nutrients needed to combat oxidative stress and inflammation.  Obesity up regulates the inflammatory process resulting in damage to all body organs especially the brain causing premature brain aging.

Exposure to environmental toxins such  as pesticides and  industrial chemical puts excessive stress on our detoxification systems resulting in organ damage and premature aging.

Antiaging medicine emphasizes wellness and function resulting in the elimination of most drugs, effectively treating obesity, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, and up regulating our detoxification systems thus helping to prevent organ damage and premature aging.

I am looking forward to helping you augment your health and wellness.

Dennis M. Spiller D.O. F.A.C.O.I.
Board Certified Cardiologist and Fellowship trained in Anti-aging and Functional medicine.