Five Tips to Speedy Weight Loss

If you eat healthy and exercise consistently, you will lose weight. However, it can be a slow and difficult process. This is especially true if you have a lot to lose. These healthy weight loss tips will help speed up the process so your body will be fit and slim in no time.

1. Avoid Fats and Oils

If you eat a lot of fatty foods or cook your vegetables in oil, it'll be more difficult to trim extra pounds. If there's too much fat and oil in your system, your body will use that for fuel rather than what's already stored in your gut, butt and arms.

It's important to fulfill your dietary needs. Eat as much fat and oil as you need in one day, but don't go overboard or you won't burn what you already have.

2. Eat Organic and Whole Foods

Non organic foods are processed with bad chemicals and contain pesticides that are toxic to your body and contribute to weight gain. Avoid ingredients such as artificial flavors and colors, corn syrup and chemicals.

It's important to fulfill your nutritional needs. Whole foods give your body what it needs, such as fiber, protein, vitamins and more. Starving your body of nutrients is the worst way to lose weight.

3. Eat Spicy Food

Spices improve the body's metabolism, immune system and insulin levels. Add spices such as cayenne pepper, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger and turmeric to meals. Use salsa in salads and wraps and eat hot peppers such as jalapenos.

4. Sleep and Eat at the Right Time

Eating after dinner or too late at night encourages insulin build up in the body. Midnight snacks are a huge culprit in thwarting even the most effective of diet plans.

The body burns the most fat when it's asleep from 10 PM to 2 AM. If you stay up during this time, your body will continue to produce insulin and you won't lose weight.

Night owls need to train themselves to sleep and wake up earlier. Avoid television and computers late at night. Electronic activity keeps the brain alert and unable to sleep.

If you wake up and eat breakfast in the morning, your metabolism will be off to an early start as well.

5. Drink Water

Drink lots of water throughout the day to hydrate your body. This is the hardest and most important step towards a healthy body. You should always drink the daily water requirements for your weight. Requirements are calculated by drinking about 50% of your weight in ounces. For example, a person weighing 180 pounds would drink 90oz of water a day.

Avoid coffee, soft drinks, sodas and other sugary or carbonated drinks. Herbal tea is good for you and counts as water if you wish to drink it instead. Every ounce of coffee takes away an ounce of water.

Toxins from processed food and chemicals are stored away from the essential, internal organs. This means they go to your stomach, arms and butt. Water will flush the body of toxins and reduce fat build up in those hard to work areas.