Email Policy

1. We retain electronic and/or paper copies of all email communications with patients.

2. The following types of transactions may be conducted by email; Prescription refills, test results and referral requests.

3. All patients utilizing email should put the category of transaction in the subject line of the message for filtering:  i.e., prescription, appointment, billing questions.

4. All patients should put their name and patient identification number in the body of the message.

5. Our system will provide you with an automatic reply to acknowledge receipt of messages from you.

6. If we receive e-mail messages that are too lengthy or the correspondence is prolonged, we will notify you to come into the office to discuss or we will call you.

7. Our security mechanisms include:

a. Using a password protected screen server for all desktop workstations.
b. Never forwarding patient identifiable information to a third party without the     patients express permission.
c. Never using or allowing others to use a patients email address for marketing purposes.
d. Not sharing email accounts with family members.
e. Not using unencrypted wireless communications.
f.  Double-checking all “To” fields prior to sending messages.
g. Performing at least weekly backups of email onto long-term storage.  Long-term storage will be maintained using the same storage criteria we use for paper records.