Spider Vein and Sclerotherapy in South Broward

If feeling comfortable showing your legs seems to be a problem, than we have the solution. Are spider veinshurting your legs, as well as your desire to wear fashionable skirts or dresses? With a few sclerotherapy visits to Dr. Amir’s office, you won't be forced to hide your legs with pants or makeup any longer.

Sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins (telangiectasias), which are small purple and red blood vessels. Spider veins normally appear on thighs or lower legs, though they can appear anywhere on the leg. Spider veins are hereditary, common in women of child bearing years, but they can appear at any age.

Dr. Amir’s designs a specific treatment program for each patient based on their special needs. Dr. Amir’s technique will provide a quick and effective treatment with no pain, no bruising, no special leg wrapping, and no reduction in physical activity after the procedure. The first sclerotherapy treatment corrects about 50-70% of the treated vessels, so 3-4 treatments are suggested for optimal results. With fewer treatments than usually required, you will see amazing results.

.For more information, please call Dr. Amir at (954) 967-6110.

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